Ivane Abiatari

Ivane Abiatari, MD, PhD. Associate Professor
Head of the Medical School and Director of Institute of Medical and Public Health Research at Ilia State University, Tbilisi Georgia.

Dr. Ivane Abiatari received his medical degree in Georgia in 2003. From 2004, he continued his postgraduate education in Germany, University of Heidelberg and Technical University of Munich. In 2010, Prof. Abiatari defended His PhD thesis related to perineural invasion of pancreatic cancer. In 2011, he received qualification in General Surgery.

Ivane Abiatari currently leads medical research and education at Ilia State University. His research interests are pancreatic and liver tumors, transplantation, translational medicine. He is one of the founder and member of Georgian Society for Transplantologists. From 2019, Prof. Ivane Abiatari is a Head of School of Medicine at Ilia State University and actively involved in development of undergraduate and postgraduate medical educational programs.