Prof. Richard Van Hillegersberg

Prof. Richard Van Hillegersberg is the head of the department of gastrointestinal surgical oncology in his hospital Utrecht Medical Center (Netherlands). He started with robotic surgery in 2003. He is operating with our Xi platform but has also experience with our X and Si systems. Currently he is performing about 40-60
RAMIE procedures per year (3-4 cases per month). He is operating the thoracic and the abdominal part of the Esophagectomy with the robot. He is performing a hand-sewn anastomosis. He is council member of the European United Gastroenterology, chairman of European society Surgery Allimentary tract, chairman of the Educational committee of the European society for Diseases fo the Esophagus and founder and chairman of the Upper GI International Robotic association (UGIRA). He came to robotic surgery because the UMC Utrecht became in 1999 on of the first Centers of a DaVinci robot. With the standard system in the lab and in the clinic they could develop new robotic procedures. He developed the RAMI technique in 2003.